I work with the latest PC hardware and software, including MemoQ, otherwise known as a CAT (computer-aided/assisted-translation) tool. No, this does not mean I open a file in Dutch, sit back, drink a cup of coffee and wait for the computer to generate the English translation. These types of software are programs that help translators manage their terminology and translations, including a translation memory that helps keep terminology and recurring segments or portions of text consistent.

Sounds great, you might think, but why is all this important to you?

For companies that update various types of text on a regular basis (such as a new version of a catalogue for example, or a price list) this means that the ‘new’ text will contain many repetitions from parts of the previous texts. I give a discount for these repetitions or ‘matches’ as they are also known. After all, why should you pay full price for the same text to be translated again?

Another benefit for clients of hiring a translator who uses a CAT tool is that texts will retain their consistency, and there are no worries that a new term will suddenly be used instead of the terminology the client prefers.

I can deliver translations in MSOffice formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF. I prefer to receive texts in these formats as well. Hard copy, faxed texts and other non-digital forms of source text delivery will be subject to an additional charge since I will have to convert these to digital form in order to translate them.

If you have a text in mind that you are interested in having translated, please just fill out the contact form,  and I will provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

The general terms and conditions of the NGTV (Dutch Translators and Interpreters Association) apply to all translation work. These terms and conditions may be consulted here.