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You won’t hear me refer to myself in the first-person plural. My name is Allison Klein, and I am ABK Translations. Just me. No staff of translators or proofreaders or office managers and secretaries - what you see is what you get.

I am a freelance translator and have been providing translations to satisfied translation agencies, direct clients and even other translators since 2000. After getting my MBA in International Marketing and working in the corporate world for 12 years, I ultimately returned to my great love: languages.

The only language combination I work in is Dutch to English (my native language). And not the other way round. I am a firm believer in the ‘native-speaker’ concept, and no matter how long someone might have lived in another country, or how long they have been married to a native speaker, there’s just no substitute for the real thing.

Many translators advertise that they can provide translations into and out of every possible language combination. Although I would be happy to refer you to another qualified translator or agency in my fairly extensive network of colleagues, I prefer not to contract translations out myself. Why? First of all, I’m usually too busy to do all the legwork required in the procurement, proofreading and after-care processes involved in translations. Secondly, a good translation should always be proofread by a native speaker, and at the very least, someone who speaks that language. If I don’t speak Swahili, how can I proofread a text translated from or into a language I don’t speak?

Why ABK Translations?


You want it when???
Think before you promise. That’s one of my mottos. If I honestly don’t feel I have the time to deliver a translation by its deadline, I will not take on the job. It’s that simple. Many translators and agencies take on a translation job first, and then go in search of someone who’ll make good on their promise. I don’t believe in working this way. Lose-lose situation for everyone.


Focus on what you do best
Common knowledge you might say, but this is particularly applicable to translations. This is why I will only accept translation jobs in areas in which I am confident. This means I won’t do medical or extremely complicated technical translations. Only the types of texts with content about which I am knowledgeable and experienced in translating.


  • Marketing
  • Advertising/PR
  • Websites
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Legal
  • Human rights/NGOs
  • Fiction/Short stories
  • Newspaper/Magazine articles
  • General correspondence
  • Art/Culture
  • Travel/Tourism/Leisure
  • Fashion/Health/Beauty

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‘In my years as a director of Translation World and later AVB Translations, I have come to know Allison as a highly committed and skilled translator who was always willing to help out with even the most urgent translation requests. I would recommend Allison to anyone with a requirement for accurate and fast Dutch > English translations.’

– Marc Feddema European Language Consultants

‘I hired Allison for the first time to translate my website. Allison is very client- oriented as she thinks from the client’s point of view. Her translations can be done in official English or real “American style”. She is skilled in both. Allison always delivers a fast, good and surprising translation. Stuff that definitely reads fluently. I would highly recommend Allison because she does a thorough professional job for a fair price.’

– Sjra Puts Creative Brainworks

‘I have come to know Allison as a very professional, service-driven and reliable legal translator. She has an eye for detail, carries out thorough, good terminology research and has an excellent writing style.’

– Pytsje van der Sluis PS Vertalingen

‘I’ve worked with Allison on over 800 jobs since 2007, from 2-word slogans with a pun to highly specialised financial prospectuses, all delivered in time and with excellent quality. Allison’s culinary work will make your mouth water, her marketing texts sell, and her legal work has lawyers sending their compliments. Her terminology & research skills are top of the bill. She’s also an excellent and honest proofreader, and one of the fastest translators I’ve ever worked with. On top of that, Allison is simply a great person, and very much fun to work with.’

– Susan van den Ende Copywriter, translator and language consultant

‘Allison is a good and flexible translator who always finds a way to help us. Thanks Allison!’

– Frits Philips TXTWorks Communications

‘Not only a very professional, reliable and communicative LSP, also a wonderful person to work with. Thanks Allison!’

– Thijs van Dorssen BeTranslated

‘A fantastic translator AND person to work with. Professional, reliable, fast, highest quality, what else is there to say?’

– Linda Ferwerda Taalcompany

‘Words fall short. One of the linguists we couldn’t live without. Will work with her as long as she wants to.’

– Wouter van den Berg


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